In the beginning, there was chaos

In the beginning, there was chaos

Ciao from Firenze! I’ve been here for four days and it is just as incredible as I remember. The first few days were easy; I did a lot of writing and wandering, and a lot of talking as I met people in my hostel and around town. I looked at an apartment last night, and loved it the moment I saw it, but of course you never want to say that, do you? You never want to beg someone to let you rent the space. So I told the girl that I would think about it and get back to her by Friday, and I left. As a big believer in signs, I lifted my phone and opened all my music, over 2100 songs.

“Okay Universe,” I said, “what do you think about the apartment?” Then I hit shuffle and started laughing like an idiot.

The song was “Life in Color” by OneRepublic, which would have been a good enough choice by itself, but it was also the exact song that had been playing as I approached the apartment. As far as I’m concerned, that’s the Universe making itself luminously clear.

Now that I can check “Find an apartment” off my list of things to accomplish, I’m sure that finding a job and applying for residency will be just as easy! Yeah, I don’t have high hopes for either of those things. Or rather, let’s say that I have realistic hopes about my chances. One step at a time, right? I still have a lot of things to figure out, but this has been a good beginning. A little rough, a lot of crazy, but good and strong nonetheless.

So raise your coffee cups high, because I’d like to propose a toast: Here’s to good times, great people, and better posts.


About kclifton5

So for those of you who don't know the prologue of this story, here are the basics: three years ago I studied abroad in Hull, England and I traveled pretty extensively while I was on this side of the world. I fell in love with Italy and vowed that I would come back one day to try my hand at living there. Thanks to the actual Best Mom in the World, this hazy dream became a very firm reality back in May when I moved to Florence. I get a lot of questions about my decision, but the main one is very simple: Why? Because I wanted to be somewhere else for a while. It blew everyone's minds that I didn't have a job lined up already, and I didn't know anyone in Florence. Their eyes would widen and they would say, "Oh my God, that's brave!" Crazy. They mean it's crazy. But I'm alright with that, because I think life is more fun with a bit of crazy thrown in to spice things up.

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  1. I’m definitely happy and excited for you. Just like you found the right apartment everything else will fall into place. Take your time and read the signs, but most important live life and be happy :). I’m gonna keep tabs on you missy!!!

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